Enadia Way Elementary School



Enadia-TEC offers two wonderful after-school care and enrichment options. Both 
are through LAUSD’s “Beyond the Bell” branch and both are FREE!



YOUTH DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM (YDP)                                                                                  YOUTH SERVICES (YS)

~Serves Enadia TEC students (Kinder-5th grade)                                                              ~Serves Enadia TEC students 2nd-5th grades

~Begins at dismissal, ends at 6pm.                                                                                       ~Begins at dismissal, ends by 6pm

YDP Application 2015-2016                                                                                                            YS Application

More information on YDP click here                                                                                   More Information on YS click here 


For more Information please contact:
Vanessa Herrera 
(818) 425-1543